Beautiful Belize; a tiny sub-tropical nation that has more in common with the Caribbean than it does with it's Central American neighbours. Proudly boasting the longest barrier reef in the western hemisphere and three of only four marine atolls on this side of the world, Belize is surely a place to remember.

Weddings in Belize

Beach Weddings are ever popular throughout the world and more and more Belize is being seen as one of the preferred destinations to break from the traditional and enjoy a tropical barefoot romance on the white sandy shores of Ambergris Caye.

Belize has a way of capturing your heart, making you feel welcomed and relaxed, as if it is where you've always belonged. The people are friendly, the landscape is natural and beautiful, and the joy of knowing that by just taking a short two to three hour flight, from most places in the US, you can be relaxing under a palm tree feeling the cool breeze of the Caribbean Sea rock you to sleep, will surely have you planning your next trip back even before you leave!

Marriages in Belize are legal everywhere in the world and choosing to marry at Sandy Point Resorts makes the joy of wedding even more memorable when coupled with a romantic sunset cruise, or private candlelit dinner on the beach with the waves lapping at your feet.

Sandy Point Resorts has an experienced and professional wedding coordinator who has continuously met and exceeded the expectations of the dozens of happy couples who chose to share thier special moments with us here in Belize.